How Much to Rent a 6 Seater Car

How Much to Rent a 6 Seater Car?

Nestled on the northern shores of Australia, Darwin has earned its spot as a must-visit destination for travelers from across the globe. For those embarking on a trip to Darwin, the question often arises: how much to rent a 6 seater car?

The average cost to rent a 6-seater car varies from $148 to $177 per day, depending on the model of the car you have selected. Furthermore, if you need a baby seat or a booster seat, each will cost you $25/day. Also, if you ask for premium insurance coverage, you will pay $29/day additional.

Wondering why you would need to hire a 6 seater car in Darwin when you have public transportation services available? Let me break it down for you and you will know that an average of $100 per day is worth spending on car rentals than draining your energy in public transportation for a few dollar difference.

Factors Affecting The Rental Cost of 6 Seater Car

Every time you visit the car rental page, you will see the average cost of hiring for a particular period. However, at times it may fluctuate, especially for the 6 seater car because of the following reasons:

  • Duration for which you need the car (days, weeks, or months)
  • Vehicle model (price will vary depending on whether you have selected Mitsubishi Pajero or Mitsubishi Outlander) and vehicle size 
  • Insurance options and extras availed by you
  • Availability of the car 
  • Amount of fuel consumed 
  • Extra distance covered
  • Hidden costs

Rest assured, Territory Car Rentals has a transparent pricing policy and does not have any hidden costs. Thanks to our car hiring with unlimited kilometers, you can now explore Darwin freely.

Why Would You Need a 6 Seater Car For Hire in Darwin?

Whether you’re a family seeking unforgettable adventures, a group of friends on a quest for exploration, or a business traveler with professional commitments, Darwin is the place, and this is where Territory Car Rental 7 seater car hops in. 

Family Trips

When planning a memorable family road trip, a 6 seater car is an ideal solution to accommodate everyone from kids to the elderly. The spacious seating and ample storage in 6 seater cars ensure every family member has an equal opportunity to enjoy the journey.

Group Ventures

Gather your friends and set out on a group adventure that embraces the spirit of togetherness. A 6 seater car caters to the needs of a close-knit circle, making it effortless to embark on an excursion into vibrant city life without making much of an effort finding a vehicle to all fit in. 

Retail Therapy

Going on a shopping spree is a must when you visit Darwin or any other place with lush marketplaces. A 6 seater car offers you enough space and secure and convenient transport for your shopping bags from the city’s center to both the hotel and the airport. 

Corporate Connections

Business travelers find solace in the versatility of a 6 seater car. From reaching corporate meetings with efficiency to ensuring seamless group transportation for important conferences, a 6 seater car is a go-to option.

The reasons for hiring a 6 seater car in Darwin are as diverse as the city itself. Tailored to your specific needs, it’s more than just a mode of transportation. 

Benefits of Renting a 6 Seater Car in Darwin

When it comes to exploring the vibrant landscapes and attractions that Darwin has to offer, a 6 seater car for hire becomes your ultimate travel companion.

Beyond the affordability and convenience, there are compelling reasons why opting for a spacious 6 seater vehicle can elevate your Darwin experience to new heights.

Unite, Travel, and Adventure

Traveling as a group enhances the bond, allowing you to share the joys of discovery without the need to split up. A 6 seater car simply ensures no one is left behind.

Comfort Redefined

Comfort is never compromised within the spacious interior of a 6 seater vehicle. You get ample legroom and ergonomic seating, ensuring that even longer journeys remain a delight. 

Versatile Cargo Solutions

Beyond the passenger seating, 6 seater cars offer the added advantage of generous cargo space. Whether you’re transporting beach essentials for a day or loading up on local delights, the versatile cargo area ensures you’re always prepared for Darwin’s myriad experiences.

Privacy and Security

Though public transportation is available in Darwin, many tourists prefer to explore this northern beauty in private cars. And car rental services in Darwin cater to their specific needs.

Your Trusted Choice: Territory Car Rentals for 6 Seater Car Hire in Darwin

What is your opinion on getting a 7 seater car at the same average price as a 6 seater car? Territory Car Rentals with its competitive and transparent pricing and a reputation for reliability, offers luxurious high-end best 7 seater cars perfect for family and peer trips.

With Territory Car Rentals by your side, you can explore Darwin’s wonders in comfort and style, knowing that your journey is now in capable hands. 


As the sun sets over the horizon of your Darwin escapade, one thing remains certain – the memories you’ve created will forever be etched in your heart. Start planning your trip with our 6 and 7 seater car today as we are more than a mere car rental service; we are your steadfast companion, your gateway to exploration, and joy.

Hoping your next adventure begins with us!

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